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Open for new backers that may have missed the campaign! Note: If you were a backer of the campaign, you can use the pre-order store but it is better if you wait for your survey around July 14th (ish) and use the Add-Ons function there.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Covers are In! Shipping to Begin Shortly
1 day ago – Mon, Oct 03, 2022 at 03:11:04 PM

New Covers!

The new covers are in and they look fantastic!  Shipping labels will begin to be printed tomorrow and hopefully we can get the first batch of books out the door tomorrow as well.  Keep an eye out in your emails for tracking info from Pirate Ship if you are expecting a physical reward.  

Autographed Copies

For anyone that ordered autographed books, there is a very small delay on those due to me running out of protective boards.  They are due to arrive later this week so we should get them out the door this weekend or early next week.  For reference, as there was a question about these, the autographed copies have signatures from both Dom and Dante.  

UK VAT Update

We are still awaiting information on our VAT registration.  I emailed our contact at the VAT office early last week but have yet to hear back on any updates.  As stated in the last update, we don't want to wait all that long on a VAT since the books have already been delayed around 6 weeks, so if we get no response before we ship out the remainder of the rewards, we will refund your VAT costs and ship without.  All UK physical backers make sure that your card info is correct/updated for refunds and if anyone paid by paypal, we may reach out to you for a correct email.  

Still Two Surveys Remaining

Lastly, we still have two physical reward surveys on Backerkit that haven't been completed.  We've tried contacting these two backers and have had no response.  If you are a backer that was expecting a book and did not get it, check to see if you completed your survey.  We will need to mark all surveys as completed once we ship in order to close the campaign.  We will hold the orders of the two backers until we hear from them.  Probably for quite some time.  

Next Campaign On Deck

Next up:  Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief, Kickstarting next week as soon as people start getting their physical copies of Watchtower on the Hill.

Here is a link to the preview page for the next Kickstarter:

Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief Preview Link 

Comments on the preview page are still open if anyone would like to add into the discussion.  The page is still subject to change at any time before launch - notably, I still need to update all of the pledge levels to reflect a few changes in what we will offer.  

Excited to finish up this campaign,


CEO, Eater of the Most Boring Foods Imaginable, Lord of Plush, Keeper of the Holiday Snickers,

Johnny Rook Games, LLC

Revised Proof is In!
8 days ago – Mon, Sep 26, 2022 at 05:06:22 PM

...And it looks great!

The revised proof arrived this afternoon and it looks fantastic, image below.  I gave the printer the OK to run the new covers.  I'm told that they were waiting on my response and want to run the new covers ASAP for us so we might get them by the end of the week or early next week.  As soon as they show up, we will start packing and shipping as soon as possible.  Keep an eye on your emails for tracking numbers from Pirate Ship.

Proof Collection

Two Covers?

We got several emails from people and a few comments on the Kickstarter page about wanting both the errored covers and the new one.  A few collectors are very interested in getting the original in the shrink without us opening it.  So, the decision is now to send all physical backers the original in shrink and the new cover separately instead of replacing the covers and re-bagging everything.  While this might be a little confusing to people who have not been reading these updates, it should cover all of our bases and your interests.  Further, these shrinked errored books will now become Kickstarter Exclusives because we won't sell them like this in the future.  As an artist and publisher, I really want you, or any other customer, to open a package and see the product that I want to give you rather than a misprinted one with a replacement piece.  So, for you collectors out there, you'll be getting something pretty special.  Because of this, if anyone would like to order additional copies in order to keep yours in shrink, or want more of the errored edition, drop us an email and we can work something out.  If you buy the book in the next Kickstarter, it will have the corrected cover only.  And yes, it will be available again in a few weeks when the new KS campaign starts in case you want to wait until then for table copies.   

UK Shipping Update

Small update for our UK physical customers.  We are still, still, still, waiting for VAT approval.  I was able to contact a real human at the VAT registration office and worked with them to get us formally filed and processed but after 3 weeks, I still haven't heard anything.  I'll email our contact again this week to see what's going on, but if we have to ship before we get a VAT, we will do one of two things:  Either 1) Hold the order until our VAT is approved or 2) Refund the VAT fee we charged, ship, and let you handle the VAT when it arrives.  

We wanted to make UK sales easier for any of our UK backers by paying the VAT on shipping but this runaround from the VAT office is an unanticipated problem.  As an FYI, I first filed for a VAT on July 4th.  It is supposed to take 2-3 weeks for approval but here we are, nearly 3 months later with no idea what's going on.   Hopefully, we'll get some good news this week but if not, watch for a refund and our apology for the inconvenience. 

More updates coming soon!


CEO, Spritely Dancing Devil, and Lamenter of ye ol' Caramel Apple Blast,

Johnny Rook Games, LLC  

New Covers!
21 days ago – Tue, Sep 13, 2022 at 10:09:59 PM

Something Went Right!!!

We just received word from our agent out in California that the printer saw the cover error and agreed to reprint the covers for the Watchtower books!  Great news for us (and you)!  The reprint will include an actual physical proof before they do the run and paper samples of different cover stock thickness in case we want a different type.  They were supposed to do this the first time around but for whatever reason, it did not happen.  This time, all is well.


1)  Poly-bagged, not Shrink Wrapped.

Because this is a cover re-print only, we are going to have to open all the shrink wrapped books and replace your covers.  We will instead place your re-covered books into sealable polybags for shipment.  The printer offered to re-shrink them all but we would have to send back all the books and re-ship them for quite a lot of money.  Re-bagging them ourselves is part of the compromise of re-printing the covers at no cost.  We hope you can understand.  

We might send out a survey to ask if you would still like the original errored cover in the shrink wrap and have us just send you the new cover, but we're still discussing.  If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, please leave a comment or email us at  If you absolutely know that you want both covers, make sure to tell us!  We know there are some collectors out there that would love to get their hands on one of these errored prints before we throw them away.   

2) Cover Size a Little Larger.

The size of the external covers is going to end up being a little larger than the internal book.  This is by our choice.   The first run was printed at an incorrect size from what we asked for and we are going to partially correct this with the new cover prints.  The internal book is still cut a little too short, but they otherwise look good so we cannot get them reprinted at the right size.  They're off by about 1/8"  (0.3175cm) in both dimensions from the size that we wanted, so that's not too bad.    The new covers will be printed at the old TSR module standard size of 8.375 x 10.625.  The internal books are 8.125 x 10.5.  So, again, the cover will be larger by 1/8" on the top and side.  We're doing this to set a stage for future prints.  All other Westgate books are going to be printed at the larger size so by making the cover on this run larger, they will all collectively look nice on a shelf.  Doesn't that sound delightful?

Size Difference

We are sending a new and improved cover file to the printers this afternoon and we should have a proof sent within a week, on press the next week, shipped to you shortly after.  

Sighing with Relief,


CEO, Scrumdiddlyumptious Worker Drone, and King of the Corner Parking Spot,

Johnny Rook Games, LLC.  

Books are In! But...
27 days ago – Thu, Sep 08, 2022 at 12:17:45 AM

Today is the Day!

We got the shipment of Watchtower modules in today and will begin printing labels and packing them tonight.  Hopefully, all of them can get into the mail by tomorrow (although, UK physical backers, see the note below*).  

There is a small problem with the print.  For some reason that we are still trying to track down, the cover printed with faded colors.  It's very strange to look at it and looks kind of like someone printed a photograph of the cover and not the cover itself.  The printer also cut the external cover down to match the internal booklet for some reason, besides having us make the booklet smaller in the first place, and so the entire booklet is only about 8 3/8" x 10 5/8" instead of 8 1/2" x 11" standard.  They had emailed us about the trim size and I think we somehow miscommunicated what was supposed to happen.  This is partially because we changed printers a few months ago to another printer that could actually do the job.  Suddenly changing printers is also why we did not get a physical proof before having the job done.  We were informed that this printer did not offer physical proofs.  They did send us a digital proof though and it seemed just fine.  We all have histories of working in publishing and have never heard of a print shop not offering physical proofs.  It was/is very strange, but apparently, that's how it is now.  


Print color differences
Size difference (example 8.5x11 module behind)

Note: The corner bend in the image is just from the top copy in the shipping box that I opened.  That is normal shipping damage from bulk boxes.  That copy would not be sent to backers or any other customer unless we had none left.  

So, moving forward:

1) We are still shipping these books because there is no other option.  Hopefully, you will enjoy them even with a faded cover.  The internal book and internal cover maps look great - it's just the external cover that looks a bit off.  I should stress, "a bit" off.  Many of you might not even have noticed the color problem if I had not mentioned it.  

2) We will do out best to resolve these problems for future Kickstarters and online shops.  They do seem like easy fixes as long as we can track down where the error occurred. 

3) I'll be demanding physical proofs from now on.  

For those of you who bought prints, those are just fine and look great.  We think they are actually too large though and for the next campaign, prints will only be 4x6 in size.  This is just an aesthetic change.  If people prefer the enormo 8x10 BWs, we can keep doing them no problem, but it seems like a set of smaller prints would be preferable for everyone.

*UK Backers!

There was a massive delay in getting our VAT registration completed and it is still not finished.  We have a personal agent working on it now but he was not able to get us a timeline as to when to expect a number.  For that reason, we are going to have to hold off shipping the UK books until we get that number because we have to have it to ship them into the country.   For reference, we registered back on July 3 and were given a 2 week turnaround time.  Here we are 2 months+ later and still no number.  We haven't been told what the problem is but they just asked for our documents again early last week, so hopefully it can be resolved soon.  We will update you as soon as we find something out.  

Books ahoy!

So, keep an eye out for tracking information in your emails and please give us some feedback on the modules when you get them. We want to hear from you, especially regarding the color and size of the final print.


CEO, Disappointed Clown, and Seneschal of Mayor McCheesy,

Johnny Rook Games, LLC

Shipping Paused
27 days ago – Thu, Sep 08, 2022 at 12:17:07 AM

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